Hydraulic lift with machine room is the most common category of elevator and is a reliable and guaranteed solution.
The machine room can be located at the bottom or at the top of the building, both close to and well enough away from the shaft.
ELEVER studies and designs the most appropriate solution for your project.
We offer two alternatives
  • ALGI. The German hydraulic lifts are the top choice for high demand projects.
  • ELEVER-SMART hydraulic lifts. They combine quality materials at the most economical market price.
The most common application is one with 2:1 suspension. This type consists of a piston together with a pulley on the top and ropes. No special dimensions are required and so are preferred in most cases.
Where it is possible to drill in the elevator shaft, then the piston is positioned beneath the cabin (referred to as a 1:1 suspension) and is the ideal lift solution. This is the safest type of lift. But also the stress of the building in the event of an earthquake is the least possible, since all the loads of the elevator are transported directly to the ground.

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