For decades ALGI has built its reputation as a reliable partner and supplier to the worldwide elevator market.
ALGI is the leading manufacturer and supplier of complete lift systems and components manufacture electronic, mechanical and energy efficient valve blocks, single and multi stage telescopic cylinders, car frames, cabins, safety catches for passengers and cargo elevators.
Eco spin drive technology VVF energy efficient frequency controlled valve blocks offer huge advantages in energy savings, noise reduction comfort and reliability.

ALGI chronic:

1929 The company was founded by the master electrician Alfred Giehl
1930 The first products - car fuses, test lamps, air pumps, etc. were exhibited in a showroom
of 25 m2 at Schwalbacherstrasse 51 in Eltville
1956 Production of the first construction machine cylinder
1959 Production of the first hydraulic cylinder for Stahl in Munich
(now ThyssenKrupp)
1959 Construction of a new production plant at Schwalbacher Str. 51 - by 1975 the productio
area was expanded to 6,000 m2
1963 Production of the first in-house designed honing machine for machining piston rods
1964 Design and production of the first synchronized telescopic cylinder for elevators
1967 Assembly of the first aggregate with a mechanical valve block from URACA
1975 Construction of the first production plant on the company's premises in Kiedrich
-a production area for manufacturing one-stage cylinders and multi-stage synchronized
telescopic cylinders, as well as an extension for the assembly of power units
1976 Development of the mechanical valve block series AZSTB
1980 Design and assembly of the first direct car frame
1987 As of the late 80s, car frames are produced exclusively in Schwalbacherstrasse
1990 Dedication of the theoretical and practical training room with an 
                area of 250 m2 for internal staff and customers training
1991 Until 1991, the company's premises in Kiedrich were expanded step by step
to a production area of approx.18,000 m2. The construction of production
hall 2 began in 1981, production hall 3 in 1987, and production hall 4 in 1989.
1995 Completion of the production plant III for the assembly of elevator cabins
with an area of 1,500 m2
1997 First QM certificate in accordance with ISO 9001 was issued
1997 Shipment of the first power unit with a controlled valve block AZRS
1998 Construction of the Administration Building at Plant II in Kiedrich
2006 Modernisation of storage space in the basement of hall 4 allows
for the production of containers for the various power units in Plant II
2007 Completion of the new shipping hall expands the production and
storage space to approx. 24,000 m2
2007 Shipment of the first frequency-controlled hydraulic drive

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